Upgrade your expectations

A burglar can easily disable some of the simpler, less expensive detection devices. The more complex and unfamiliar devices, the more likely the burglar is to trigger the alarm or give up trying to disable it. But getting all the high-end security gadgets will cost you a lot and it may be very hard for you to use. Below you will find some advanced features from our new alarm system


Manage your alarm system from anywhere

You can arm the alarm panel via phone (SMS, Call), remote control, the arm button of alarm base unit. If you frequently travel or want to make certain that your home is secure while you are away, this system is an ideal choose for you.


Alarm Triggered

The alarm system will be triggered by door sensor, PIR motion sensor, emergency SOS alarm and other detectors. If thief want to break your door/window to get in your house, the door sensor and pir motion sensor will trigger the alarm base unit to alarm.


Taking Action

When the alarm is triggered at your home, the siren will immediately sound to alert the thief, the alarm base unit will call your preset alarm phone number and also send SMS to tell you which detector is triggered, they you can have time to take further action to make sure your home/office is security.


Two-way SOS Talking

If you need, you can also contact the police, fire department, hospital or other emergency personnel to come to your home immediately. You can contact child/older to confirm whether they are okay or in need of assistance, and if the older need emergency help, they can trigger the alarm system to let you know they need your help.