n save how much money And Somalia can also get huge gains To eat, but to rely on fight home robbery make money, I was drunk Oh, the idea of upstairs.is good, but what is Somalia, not only poor, and the state civil war endlessly, can you build up the port trade center Uh, but also...... However, this Somali pirates dare to hijack our Williams Empire caravan, simply send troops to destroy PMP it exam them, occupy Somalia, to our king His Majesty s PMI Certification finances, not to mention a port trade PMP center, the whole of Somalia also Can you see that we are not going to develop our empire Well, strongly support the extermination of pirates, the occupation of Somalia... April 10, 2004 at 3 o clock in the afternoon, Henry returned to Diego, then non stop meeting Henry sighed and glanced at the crowd, then stopped at a 30 year old body with a slight slim white man, and he called George El.eanor, the director of the Williams Empire Investigation Bureau. Did George Elino, who had inquired as to which Somali pirates hijacked our fleet Yes, sir, this group of pirates called Alva pirate group, with their leader Alva Constance named after the number of pirates at least 500 people

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